Baseball hitting Tee Comparison/Review


Baseball Hitting Tee Comparison/Review

Hitting Tees are probably the most important tool in a coach’s offensive tool box. Doing tee work is the only time we can expect our players to be perfect with a bat in their hands. The reason for this is simple, once the ball starts moving there are variables that the player has to adjust for. By definition, if you have to adjust you are no longer perfect.

Baseball hitting tee reviewHitting With Wood is doing a comparison review of the Tanner Tee, Marucci M350 tee and the Franklin Sports MLB Industrial Grade Batting Tee. You will get a side by side comparison of these three tees the pros and cons of each one and have the information you need to decide which one fits your needs the best.

When discussing hitting tees you first need to decide what you are going to use the Tee for. Are you putting in your basement so your player can hit off it once in a while during the three or four months a year that they can’t get outside and swing? Are you coaching a youth baseball team and need it for a practice or two a week? Or are you going all in and using this tee every day for your player at home and the team to use during a long travel ball summer season?

Whatever the answer is, there is a tee that will meet your needs. The three tees that we have chosen are good quality products that will last for their intended purpose with proper care.

Beginnerbaseball hitting tee comparison/review

The Franklin Sports MLB Industrial Grade Batting Tee is a basic hitting tee. It has a home plate-shaped base that helps younger players get oriented in the batting position. This tee is made of heavy duty rubber with weighted steel in the base for added stability. The Franklin Sports MLB Industrial Grade Batting Tee adjusts from 20 to 40 inches high so you can use it to work with different player’s of different heights.

The good

This tee is a great starter tee. It is solid enough to teach young players with without the excess cost of some of the other models. At only 19.99 this tee will not crush the budget.

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The bad

This tee is very bulky. It is not very portable. You can unscrew the post from the base and throw it in your trunk but then you have to put it back together again. You are also carrying two large pieces. The other drawback is that this tee is not designed for long term heavy duty use. If you have an entire team hitting off this tee every practice you may have to replace the tee every year or two.

ExpertBaseball hitting tee comparison/review

The Tanner Tee Youth is a great tool. This tee will last a long time. The Tanner tee is one of the best tees on the market not only because of its design and durability but because of the portability. This tee will take a beating where ever you want to take it.

The good

This tee is very durable. It is compact and portable. Due to the youth design, it allows young hitters to start training early to go after low pitches. A lot of tees don’t take into consideration that smaller players are training only to hit at the top of the strike zone because that is as low as the tee can be set. The Tanner youth model can be used as low as 20 inches off the ground. The other good part about this tee is that it is only $79.99. That is a lot higher than the Franklin but you won’t be replacing this tee every couple of years. In fact, I would say that the only time you might have to replace this tee is when your child outgrows it. Then you will be buying the big brother of this the original Tanner tee.

The other good part about this tee is that it is only $79.99. That is a lot higher than the Franklin but you won’t be replacing this tee every couple of years. In fact, I would say that the only time you might have to replace this tee is when your child outgrows it. Then you will be buying the big brother of this the original Tanner tee.

The design of the hand-rolled ball holder is unique to Tanner. It allows the hitter to feel the contact with the ball not the tee. This is probably the best feature of this tee and that is saying a lot for a tee that is full of cutting edge tech.

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The bad

baseball hitting tee comparison/reviewThe tanner tee has a tendency to have the ball rest come apart. Granted it takes a while and this is probably the best tee on the market, but the replacement is going to cost you $32.00. All things considered, the thousands of swings you are going to get on this tee before you have to spend any more money make this negative tolerable.

The only other negative is that the base design is smaller so it is not as heavy or balanced. You will need to weigh it down. Fortunately, there are tee weight bags that slide right down the pole that don’t cost very much money.

Portable probaseball hitting tee comparison/review

The Marucci tee system is by far the best portable tee system that I have come across. The M350 tee has a fold up tripod stand and a carrying bag. With the addition of a weight bag that fits around the base the tee will hold up in the cage or on the field.

The good

Anytime you want to use this tee it is going to be there for you. You can throw this in your car and take it anywhere making this tee the most portable tee in this group.

The other great part of this tee is the cost. This tee is only $74.99 and you can buy a set of 3 replacement ball holders for $20. baseball hitting tee comparison/review

The bad

This tee design tends to be a little more unstable so you will have to get the weight bag ($19.99). This is going to add to the cost of the tee package.

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The three tees reviewed here are all great for their intended purpose. If you are just getting started or not planning on using the tee very often the cost effective Franklin model is a good choice. If you are ready for a great training aid or plan to use your tee a considerable amount. The Tanner or Marucci tees are right for you. You will have to decide how portable you want your tee to be. Or maybe the cost of replacement parts will be the determining factor. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Hitting With Wood would love your feedback. Maybe you have used one of these tees or tried a different model and would like to give us a reason why you think it should be added to the list. Leave a comment below and let us know.

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