Easy First Youth Baseball Practice Plan


Youth Baseball Practice Plan Made Easy.

Your first thought when creating a practice plan is what do I need to teach my team/ players today. These are going to be the things that at the end of the year will make your team/ players better. The second thought is going to be what drills you can use to accomplish your first goal. Pretty simple if you need to work on hitting batting practice can get that done but doesn’t really help you make your players or the team better. Practicing the wrong thing only makes you really good at being not so good. You need a drill or two that will help your team become better hitters then you can have batting practice to see if they are improving. The next thing you will need to consider is how much help you have. If you are running practice by yourself you probably don’t want to run 3 hitting drills at the same time. If you have 3 assistants for practice though running one drill at a time could be a waste of man-power. The final thing and maybe the worst thing for any youth baseball coach is time. How long is your practice? Do you have enough time to get all the drills done and still have batting practice at the end? How long is it going to take to set each drill up and explain it? There is nothing more frustrating than getting half of your practice itinerary completed and practice is over.

This is where your plan comes in. For today’s plan I want to work on defense. I am going to do two drills with my infield. While my assistant coach runs two drills with my outfield. When we are done with the drills we are going to do a quick team defense infield/ outfield. Will work on situational baseball and end practice with a nice conditioning session.

Practice Plan.

Practice Plan 3/5/17

2 hr. time 6:00 to 8:00

6:00 – WARM UP/ STRETCH (10 min. throw, 10 min. stretch.)

6:20 – Individual Defense Drill 1

Infield – Soft Hands, Quick Feet.

Infielders will pair up. One ball for 2 players. No gloves for this drill. Players stand facing each other about 8 to 10 feet apart. One player gets ready to field the other to toss. Player 1 rolls the ball to player 2 the ball is fielded and then reversed. The players switch roles and do the same thing. Then the ball is rolled to the players right. The player shuffles feet to get in front of the ball and fields it. Then reverse. Finally, the ball is rolled to the left and the player will shuffle feet to get in front of the ball and field it. Then it is reversed.


Outfield – Drop Step, Open Hips

Outfielders pair up. One ball for 2 players. Players face each other. Player 1 is live player 2 is tossing. Player 2 tosses the ball to the right of player 1. Player 1 takes a drop step opens hips in the direction the ball is going and runs under it catches it and tosses it back to player 2. Then the drill is repeated except the ball is tossed to the left. Then the drill repeated with the ball being tossed straight back over the player’s head. After all 3 tosses have been made the players will switch roles and repeat the drill.

6:45 – Individual Defense Drill 2

Infield – Back Hand, Fore Hand.

2 players pair up with one ball. Players are about 15 to 20 feet apart. Players use gloves for this drill. Player 1 will role the ball to player 2’s fore hand. Player 2 will field the ball on the move. Then the drill is reversed and player 1 will field a ball on his fore hand. The players will then do the same thing to the backhand side.

Outfield – High, Low, Go

One line of players and one Coach. You will need three to 4 ball at least for this drill. The first player will start jogging from right to left. The ball is thrown to them with an arc. The player will catch to ball on the run and drop it behind

them as they continue to jog. The second ball is thrown more on a line so the player can run to catch it. The third ball is thrown high and out in front of the player so they can go and get it. Repeat for all players and then switch direction.


7:00 – Infield/ Outfield

All players take their positions. Start with the outfield. Ball will be thrown to second base. Setup cutoffs. Then each player gets a ball and throws to third base. Then again with a throw to home plate. Then you move to the infield each position will get one to 2 balls hit to them and throw to first base. Then all players will get a ball to turn a double play. Finish with all infielders getting a ball hit to them and throwing to home plate.


Practice Plan 3/5/17


7:20 to 7:30ish – Team Defense – Situational Baseball

Set up your defense. Use all extra players as base runners. Give them situations. Example (Runner on first nobody out.) Then hit a ball let the defense make the play and see what happens. Make corrections where needed and redo the play if necessary. After 3 outs switch out your base runners. You control everything.

7:50 – Run

Have players line up at home plate and run to the right field foul pole and back together. Then team runs to left field foul pole and back together.

7:55 – Finish  

Clean up equipment. Talk about practice. Release to parents.



With this practice plan you will accomplish all the things you need to make your team better and see if they are understanding what their individual skills will bring to the team.

Please let me know if  seeing this practice plan was helpful. I can make more practice plans for you, but truth be told, you will get a lot more out of it if you can make your own.

Thank you,

Coach Wood


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