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Fungo Bat – Coach’s best friend

PRODUCT: Easton MLF 5 and MLF 6 Fungo Bat

PRICE: $44.77 to $59.99Fungo bat - product review





Easton MLF 5 and MLF 6 Product Review

fungo batEvery baseball practice for me starts the same way. I have the team go through their stretching and running. The team then throws to get their arms loose. At this point, we are going to break off and do some individual defensive drills. When we are done with individual drills the team gets together for the team defense portion of practice. This is when I reach for my trusted coaching companion. The fungo.

Like a lot of youth baseball coaches when I first started out I would grab one of the team bats and hit infield/ outfield. Then I got my first fungo bat. I have not used a youth baseball bat since.

The reason I am doing a review of these two products at the same time is simple. The only difference between them is the length. The MLF 5 is 37″ long and the MLF 6 is 34″ long. The length of the bat determines the whip that it will create. Whip equals power. So the harder you want to hit the ball the longer the fungo needs to be. However, you must remember, the longer the bat the harder it is to control.

The Easton MLF fungoes are strong and durable. They are made from rock hard North American maple wood. They have a large engraved barrel that makes them easy to swing. This is great for those long practices when you have to hit hundreds of balls. The cupped endcap makes the fungo really light weight.

My favorite feature of the Easton MLF fungo bat is that they come in 6 different color combinations. This will allow you to get the bat that you, as a coach, feel describes you best.fungo bat

Getting what you pay for

You can buy fungo bats for less money than the Easton models but you will get what you pay for. The Easton fungoes are going to give you consistent fly balls and ground balls swing after swing for a long time if you use them properly. Your fungo will last so long that when it finally does break, as all fungoes do, you will be sad.

« Better to buy one good fungo than to buy several cheap ones.»

The biggest key to making your fungo last is going to be how you hold the bat while you hit the ball. As with all wood bats, painted or not, there is a grain pattern. The manufacturers stamp their bats in the correct place so that you can get maximum performance out of your wood bat. You always want to hit with the label facing you. This gives the bat its greatest strength. So always hit with the label facing you if you hold the bat up by its handle directly in front of your face.


The Easton MLF 5 will give you a great fungo that is durable and easy to control. If you have never used a fungo before I would strongly suggest starting here. If you are planning on coaching players below the age of 13 I would also recommend this fungo bat. You don’t want to be hitting bombs over the 200-foot fence at practice.

The Easton MLF 6 is the fungo bat that you will want if you are an experienced fungo coach. You will also want this bat if you are working with outfielders on the big diamond. You will have to get used to the control of this bat, but before too long you will be hitting 280-foot fly balls with laser precision.

Easton has created a great version of an old time baseball staple.

Order yours online today and be the best coach you can be!

Thank you,

Coach Wood



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