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What are you thinking, hitting, pitching, fielding, base running what are we going to do today? I am looking to help you. First I would like to know what it is that you don’t think you know. So today I am going to try to fill in some blanks and maybe you will get me where I need to go.

Batter at finishWhen it comes to hitting a baseball most youth baseball hitting drills are simple. The fence drill, the 123 drill these are examples of very simple drills you can do with your team one at a time or in a group. When it comes to individual players though I need to know what you see.

When I talk about pitching the drills you can do are high balance, low balance or load rotate throw. Simple drills that can help your players individually or in a group. Again you may have players that are really good at these drills and need to take the next step. What is that step do
they need to throw harder or is accuracy a problem.

Pitching sequence

Fielding is fun to practice. There are footwork drills and soft hand drills. Individual drills that lead to team drills and then to defensive practice. I love defense.Hitting With Wood

Base running is one of my favorite things to practice because it reminds youth players more than any other part of baseball that it is a SPORT. You can work on base running on its own Base runneror during defensive drills and batting practice.

I define baseball as a really boring story, packed with explosions of excitement. Mental drills are just as important as physical drills. Is your team going to be prepared for the explosions? They will if you reply to this post and ask what drills you should run during your practices and prepare them the best you can.


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