Youth Baseball Hitting Tips- 1,2,3 Hitting is That Easy


Youth Baseball Hitting Tips- 1,2,3 Hitting Is That Easy

I would like to go over one of the most useful drills I know to make a hitter better. The 1,2,3 drill will work to teach a child that has never hit before and can be used by big league hitters to fine tune their mechanics. This drill is the Swiss Army Knife of hitting instructors.

The principal of this drill is to strip a players swing down to the raw mechanics. You will eliminate all STYLE in this drill. 95% of all hitters look exactly the same from launch to contact when they swing a bat. This drill will focus on that part of the swing sequence. That is what makes it one of  the best youth baseball hitting tips out there.

The Drill- Set Up

In step one the player will set up with there feet slightly wider than shoulder width. The back foot will pigeon in toward the front foot slightly. The player will position about 60% of their body weight on the ball of their back foot. The player will bend at the knees slightly and flex at the waist. They will hold the bat with their knocking knuckles lined up and the bat touching the outside of their back shoulder. Their hands should be about 6 to 8 inches from their chest. The bat should be at about a 30 to 45 degree angle to the ground. If the player stands up straight the bat will be parallel to the ground but the player should be leaning in toward home plate slightly with their front shoulder down and both eyes focused in the direction of a pitcher.

The Drill- Step 1

Now with the player set up we can count, “ONE.” With the command of one the player will push their weight back Position 1onto the back foot so they are now 70- 80% back. Make sure the weight shift is into the inside of the back foot and not over the back foot. The players back knee should always stay in front of the back foot. The player will also rotate their front shoulder in slightly. Not too much you want them to keep both eyes facing the pitcher. The front heel will come up off the ground at this point.


The Drill- Step 2

123 position 2 freezeIn step two you will count, “TWO.” The player on this command will roll the front heel down to the ground. The player will raise the back heel up off the ground driving their back knee in towards the front knee. Step 2 is harder than it sounds when you read it. You may have to go back to step one several times before step two is complete.



The Drill- Step 3

In step 3 you will count, “THREE.” The player will then push with their back foot driving their back knee toward their front knee while keeping their front leg rigid and pushing back to the back leg. This action will cause all the player energy to be forced upwards rotating the hips. When the hips/ belly button are facing the pitcher the player will then for the first time in the hitting sequence move their hands.

The hands will push forward toward the baseball making the bat slide for a second against the outside of their shoulder. Then the barrel of the bat will whip out into the hitting zone. It is important that the player not drop their hands but extend them straight out at shoulder level.

The player’s hands will continue forward in a palm up/ palm down position until they reach the player’s front hip where they will then wrap around above the player front shoulder.

123 Finish

This drill is important for a player’s swing development. It is a great lifetime tool. Make sure the player understands the importance of spine angle. Maintaining spine angle throughout the swing will keep the bat in the hitting zone longer and allow the player to drive the ball when pulling it as opposed to rolling over the top of it and grounding out a lot.

I know this drill is challenging to master. I have been teaching it for a long time. I want you to know that I am here for you. If you have questions about this drill please leave a comment below or email me at I will answer any questions you have. If you need to take a video and send it to me so I can see that is all right too. I am always willing to look at video of a players swing and give tips and drills for them to improve.

Thank you,

Coach Wood



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  1. Great explanation. The pics were extremely helpful as was the video. Your model presents the examples beautifully and is a good looking young man.

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